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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week: Shawl Collar Pull Over

I'm a bit behind on blogging about my Kid's Clothes Week creations, but I'm slowly trucking along.  
Day 3 I whipped up this creamy sweatshirt fleece pullover for Gus.  I love the shawl collar, and that it is so easy to pull over his big head.

He loves it too.  

I added a little vintage applique patch to the bottom corner.  It was my grandmother's.

The collar is made out of a soft baby ribbed knit.  It is oh so soft. The pattern is self drafted.


free style creating by Villy said...

so sweet!

Charity said...

Ooh, that looks really cozy! I love the addition of the little turtle patch.

nia said...

That looks super sweet! I already sewed the "Lapped Infant Hoodie" after your pattern and tutorial Do you happen to plan to give out this pattern too, maybe even do a tutorial? That would be so, so nice.

Ruby Murray said...

Gorgeous I need to sew more for my little ones. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing them wear and love your creation x

Shine said...

I LOVE that sweater, I'd definitely be into that pattern or tutorial also! Something like that would be perfect for family photos....