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Saturday, December 14, 2013

August: 4 Months

I've been MIA the last little while (year and a half or so), but with good reason.  This little guy.

Just a year ago we found out that we would be receiving this unexpected blessing.  Gus has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  It's true that he hasn't been the easiest baby, but we have figured out my diet, and he is feeling better, and is so much happier.

He is four months old now, and is learning all sorts of new tricks.  He can roll belly to back, and back to belly.  He sleeps for 5-6 hours straight at night, which is much better than the oldest two did at this age. And he is a charmer.  The boy loves to smile.

No I didn't make the hat, I bought it from Pick Your Plum last year.  I love it!

He is really big for his age.  Nearly off the charts in height and weight, but he looks just perfect to me.

I'm hoping that as we wrap up the holidays in the next few weeks, that I will be able to get back to some sort of schedule on the blog.  I sewing for blogging pleasure, and lately all of the sewing I've been doing is for business and Christmas.

Speaking of holiday sewing, what homemade gifts are you working on this season?  Anyone out there do a pure handmade holiday?  I think it would be fun to try one year....but not this year.

I've finished up a few fleece blankets, some magic pillowcases, belts for my boys, and still have a few more things to make in the next week and a half.


Irēna said...

he is SO sweet!!

Charity said...

What a happy looking little guy! It must be such a relief to have the diet figured out. =)
I've finished gifts for most of my extended family (just 4 left!) and hope to sew some things up for my husband and daughters too. I think I might manage to not buy anything this year! We'll see. =)