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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Refinished Vintage Bassinet

Finding additional sleeping room is a must with any baby.  With Miles, we put Clark in a twin size bed, and Miles took over the convertible crib.  With baby boy number three, we decided that the crib wasn't ready to be abandoned.  Despite the fact that Miles climbs in and out of the crib, he isn't quite ready for a big boy bed.

So, in an effort to find additional sleeping space, and spend as little money as possible, we refinished a vintage bassinet that my mom had.  Hopefully he can sleep in it for a few months at least.  

The bassinet is over 30 years old, and was in need of some tender loving care.  The base was pulling away, the paint was chipped, and the wicker was separated in places. My husband was also really concerned about the interior of the bassinet being scratchy.

So I busted out the staple gun, reattached the base.  Secured nails that were pulling out, and added a few coats of fresh paint.

In an effort to eliminate scratching, I added a bassinet liner.  I found some single layer quilted cotton fabric, and snatched up 3/4 of a yard.

I finished off the raw edges with serged seams, added some darts to the corner to accommodate the shape of the bassinet, and attached in with velcro. The lining should be breathable, and washable-two major pluses when dealing with babies.

The mattress itself could stand to be replaced, and I need to make a couple of extra sheets.  Before I do that though, I really need to decide on a color scheme for the nursery.

It still isn't perfect, but the facelift really did wonders for it. It should be a nice cozy place for this little guy to spend his first few months.  There is something so sweet about the idea of the baby spending his first months sleeping in the same place I did.


Emily said...

Oh that is a sweet thought! Great makeover. :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderfully cozy home for a little one. Great save.

Charity said...

Aw, so cozy! Love the addition of the lining to soften things up.

The Marshall's said...

WOW! That looks way better! Super cute!

Diane said...

Tricia...Luke is done with his crib. Once we move into our new home we will be putting Luke in his twin bed. You're more than welcome to borrow our crib. Let me know.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

Sophie van der Linden said...

This vintage bassinet looks so cosy and sweet! I like the colour! Our little one sleeps in a similar bassinet. We swaddle her in a soft and warm blanket, so she gets all the warmth necessary and falls asleep easily.