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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sheer Sparkle Skirt with Elastic Waistband

I decided that my niece needed a matching outfit to go with her cloth doll.  I've been hoarding this fabric for a few months, so it was a good opportunity to put it to use. What two year old girl doesn't like a pink sparkly skirt that she can pull on herself?  My niece slipped it on under her dress after she pulled it out of her birthday bag.  Because, which girl doesn't need to wear a skirt and dress at the same time?  Two is better than one, right?

It is a basic sheer overlay skirt.  I picked up the fabric (lining and overlay) at Joann's.  The elastic was purchased locally, but can be found online.  It is the softest elastic, and comes in several different colors. You can find it here.

The construction of the skirt is much like the sheer summer skirt tutorial for adults.  The different being the measurements.  Rather than sewing two panels together at the sides, I just cut one long panel of both the lining and the overlay, and sewed them into a loop.  I lined up the skirt and elastic seams at the center back, perhaps an odd placement, but it works.

I also attached a simple satin ribbon the front for an added detail. I serged the hem of both the lining and the overlay using my favorite scarf edge hem.  Unfortunately the texture on the overlay caused a few hiccups with the serging, but it worked. You could of course do a narrow hem on your sewing machine. Just add 1/2 inch to the length of the skirt.

If any of you are wondering about the measurements that I used

Skirt overlay/lining 1 panel 40"x9.75"
Elastic 20"

I had to lightly gather the skirt panels before attaching the elastic.  It wasn't a big deal, but was necessary when working with a child size waistband.  If you don't want the skirt to be as full, you can reduce the size of the panels so that it is only 1.5 or 1.75 times the size of the child's waist.  Mine is about 2x the waist. Again, basic construction can be found here, sheer thing skirt.

Thanks for reading.  Happy twirling.


Crafty Couple said...

These turned out so cute! Did you make the shirt too? -Dawnette

Emily said...

What a lovely gift! I know Ansley would love this! :) I would've put the seam in the back too.

Tifani said...

So cute... but where did you get the shirt? Did you make it?

Charity said...

This is darling! Love the doll you made too. =)

Unknown said...

So adorable! I love the bow in the front.

Emily H. said...

P wants to wear it everyday!

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