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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surprise, Surprise, Baby Surprise

I realize that the title of the post is probably altogether odd for most of my readers, but for some reason the jingle a television advertisement from my childhood, always pops into my head "Surprise, surprise, puppy surprise.  How many puppies are there inside".  There are probably only a few of you that would remember such a ridiculous thing, but what can I say, I'm ridiculous. You can find the commercial here.
So the big mid-pregnancy ultrasound is coming up in a couple of days, and I can't help but wonder what is hiding inside.  Hopefully it is a baby.  Hopefully it is healthy. And hopefully we can get a clear view of that little baby and all it's parts and pieces.  I am actually quite horrible when it comes to surprises. My husband always knows what he is getting for Christmas.  I just can't handle the thought of spending money on something he might not like.  So, needless to say, we are planning on finding out whether it is a boy or a girl.

Any inclinations readers?  I've never had a real clear feeling one way or the other, during any of my pregnancies.  Though with Clark I did dream that it was a boy.

I will say this-my husband thinks it is another boy.

My mother is really hoping for a girl. 6/9 of her grandkids are currently boys.  A girl would be fun.

The Chinese Gender Charts say it is a girl.

The Parent's Magazine quiz/old wives say that it is a girl (though I'm pretty sure I was almost evenly split).

The heart rate has always been above 140, with the lowest reading being 148.

How about we take our own poll? You have a 50/50 chance of being right.

Boy, or Girl.

While we are on the subject, how many of you "knew" before hand what you were having?  Any signs or symptoms that stuck to one gender or the other?  I'd love to hear your stories.

I have the hardest time waiting.  It seems like the closer we get to the day of the ultrasound, the more I want to go out and buy baby gear, and fabric. Just a few more days!


Jeff said...

I got Emma wrong and my second one, I was to afraid to guess and I was happy either way. Since I am having a girl, I am guessing you are too! :)

Jeff said...

Oh and it is Emily Honeycutt, not my husband Jeff! LOL

Kandice said...

So exciting! I'm voting for girl, just for good luck. ;) No lady as crafty as you should be left without a little girl to dress up!

We found out with all of ours...I'm no good with suspense. :) The biggest difference for me between boy and girl pregnancies was just how I carried them. The girls hid really well, and I'd have people asking me for the first time at 8 months if I was pregnant. And I'd have the WORST time with them getting into my ribs. Ouch!

The boys, on the other hand, were the classic watermelon belly. They stuck out like nobody's business! :) This is when my back hurt the worst, with so much weight out front.

Charity said...

I haven't had any boys yet, so I really can't say what the differences are... although I have heard from a lot of women that their sons stuck out more. =) I'm guessing girl for you, just on a hunch. =)
PS: 50/50 chance reminds me of what the ultrasound tech told me... he couldn't tell the gender for someone's baby, so he told her she had a 50% chance of having a boy... she had a girl and got all mad at him because, 'You told me it was a boy!' =)

The Marshall's said...

I'm hoping for a GIRL!!!

Natalie said...

I'm with others--with my girl I was smaller and got beat up in the ribs, with my boy I got a lot bigger, with a massive belly and horrible hip problems, though my ribs were spared. Ironically I topped out at the same weight both times. You looked teeny to me, so I am guessing girl. But, you make dang cute I am a little torn.

I had to laugh when I saw your title, because I immediately thought of Puppy Surprise! It was my dying wish to get one as a kid and I never did. I still remember vividly waking up from a dream where I got a puppy surprise and being so mad when I woke up that I started punching my pillow. I don't trust dreams for that reason and because I dreamed I was having a boy while pregnant with Eva :)

Crafty Couple said...

I craved sweets with my girls and lots of meat and salty things with the boys. I'm guessing a girl for you this time. Good luck!

Emily said...

Love the reference though the puppy count used to be 3 or 4 or 5 then went to 1 or 2 or 3. Ha. Hope its a girl but you have such adorable boys. :) i am the worst w surprises.

Kayt said...

So much to say here! I loved Puppy Surprise! "There could be three, or four, or fiiive!"
Second, I had vivid dreams about both of my kids. I was right about both of their genders. Since almost everyone I know has had a girl, I'm going with girl for you.

On Green Carpet said...

I just kind a had a gut feeling, I knew it "inside" I'm having a girl, I even felt the time she will be born, when I was just about the end of my first trimester, and no one believed me, but it all came true..
About the gender feeling- one of the signs was that I just couldn't make a list of boys names in my head, it was just girls names, one particularly that just sounded so right.. Emily.. and so I had my Emily! :)
We chose to know what we will have bacause we had to move from the UK to Latvia, and we prepared most of the things for our little one, like clothes and all the stuff in advance. In UK it was way cheaper. However, I tendet to buy many things with a thought that if she'll have a baby brother some day, they could be passed on :)
With the second I think I would like to have it as a surprise. But I don't make it as a promise yet, since I might feel a little frustrated not knowing how to address the baby in my belly :)
Good luck with your scan!!! You will have a lovely, healthy baby there :)

Elisabetta said...

here in Italy we use to say that the girl takes away the mother's beauty, if you are still gorgeous as before you're expecting a boy, if you're a little bit "ruined" that's a girl ;)
when I expected my first boy I was fine all the pregnacy and nothing changed me apart from the belly ^_^
when I expected the second, I suspected from the very beginning it was a girl by the fact that I wasn't fine ...
so make your choice ;)