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Monday, February 4, 2013

Printable Sight Word Parking Lot Sheets

In an effort to work a bit more with Clark on his reading skills, I decided we really needed to start focusing on sight words.  

I saw the idea of creating a sight word parking lot here.  I thought it was a great idea.  Rather than take the time to email the creator, and wait for a response, I thought I'd just make up some of printable sheets of my own.

The idea is that you call out a sight word, and then the preschooler finds the word and parks the car on it.  Using cars really seemed to make the activity more play than work for Clark.  We made five sheets that we rotate through.  He's pretty good at guessing a word, based on it's beginning sound, so I tried to make some of them harder on/one, at/ate, just to help him really learn the words.  He's doing well, and still enjoys the activity.

You can find my printable sight word sheets pdf files here.  Enjoy.

Do you have any favorite early reading activities? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

I also found these printable sight word coloring sheets (1,2).  We haven't tried them out yet, but plan on it soon.

You can find a second file that includes 1st grade sight words, and a blank template here.

A blank parking lot template can be found here, plug in your own words, numbers, or colors.

For additional free resources on sight words and learning resources, check out .


Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing them. I'm printing them out now to keep my son busy while I start dinner...

A Christy Production said...

Fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing :)

Elisabetta said...

I am italian, and I bought this teaching method from Bambini Intelligenti (Smart Kids) that teaches young ones to learn words and so on. To make my kids play I drawed a big man figure and a big head, I show my kids the words and they have to put them in the right places. I like your game too, I'll give it a try for sure ^_^

Kristie said...

Fantastic idea. This is completely interchangeable as well. Not only sight words, but numbers, shapes, 3D shapes, and practicing the alphabet.
I am not sure what your school district requires for Kindergarten, but ours just added 3D shapes.
Thanks for sharing!

Jack said...

All the ideas you used are nice. My kid is too little but sometimes I do wonder how i am going to make him learn about all these special occasions. Thanks!
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Penny Davila said...

This is amazing thanks for sharing this blog I have become a fan of your blogs now. This blog is so interesting and informative.