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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lace Baby Bonnet

I have a sewing project for you today, are you shocked?  I regret to admit that it's not a tutorial, but a sewing project none the less.

I picked up a remnant piece of fabric a couple of years ago.  I was sure that it was going to turn into something lately.  Unfortunately, when I got it home, I realized that it was embroidered on one end, and that the majority of the fabric was simply sheer with small flowers every six inches or so.  The scalloped edge ran along the side, which was only 18 inches or so.  So, it sat, and sat, and sat in my drawer, waiting to be used.  It would have been a beautiful overlay for a christening or blessing gown, but like I said there was only 18 inches.

Inspiration finally struck last week, and I sewed it into a quick little baby bonnet. It was perfect because I was able to use all of the border detail, and finish the project with the small amount of fabric that I had on hand.  Let me admit, that this might be the worst project photo ever.  It was really hard to shoot, but trust me, it's darling.

To make the bonnet, I used a bonnet pattern that I had on hand from Clark's blessing outfit pattern (Simplicity 5813).  It is a two piece pattern.  The original pattern is lined.  I had to eliminate seam allowances for the front edge of the bonnet, seeing that I was using the scalloped edge as my finished seam.  I also decided to add a bit of lace all along the bottom edge of the bonnet.  It gave it a more finished feel, and allowed me to attach the ties at the same time. All of the raw edges of the bonnet were serged with a rolled hem prior to sewing them together.

This is in no way an announcement that we are having a girl.  We still don't know the gender, 4.5 weeks left.  I made up the little bonnet for my friend Kandice, of Kandice McDermott Photography.  Just a fun little photo prop for a sweet little baby.

Is it ridiculous that putting fabric to good use gives me an odd sense of accomplishment. It does.

By the way, did you notice that I added some  new social media buttons, my Facebook, and Instagram icons have been updated, follow if you'd like (I'm not going to bribe you).


Kandice said...

I love it! Oooh, I can't wait to put it on a sweet baby girl and make her mama love me forever. Maybe we'll get lucky and we can use it on your baby girl! ;-)

Charity said...

I love it! So tiny and delicate. =) I feel the same way when I find the perfect use for an odd piece of fabric.

Mary said...

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