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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spray Mount Your Free Printables

Free Printable Source

One of my favorite, inexpensive ways to display free printables, or photos, is to spray mount them.  Using a can of acid free spray adhesive, a piece of foam core board, and an x-acto knife, you can create a sturdy little image, for next to nothing.

I first spray mounted photos to foam core in college.  We took several images of our roommates, blew them up to poster size, and then mounted them and hung them on our living room wall.  It was perfect for our student budget.  Now six years later I am once again on a student budget-ha!

Your spray adhesive will provide you with instructions on how to use it.  I lightly sprayed the back side of the photo/printable, and the front size of the foam core.  Allow to dry according to instructions.  Place the back side of the photo on the front side of the foam core, and moving from one side to the other, smooth out any air bubbles.  I recommend having your foam board slightly larger than the printable at this point.

Once your printable is mounted, you can use a straight edge and an x-acto knife to get a nice clean edge.  The board isn't at all difficult to cut through.

I used this same technique to mount some photos for my craft fair booth.  By the time I got around to thinking about the photos, I'd exhausted any funds for frames.  So spray mounting it was, and it was great.

We have a wall in our house that is solid.  There is no hammering nails into it.  For the most part it has been bare.  I'm going to mount some photos of my kids, and hang them with mounting tape.  Not only is it an inexpensive option, but it is also a very light weight option.


Emily said...

What a great idea!! I totally want to do this with pictures. :) Growing up in earthquake country I'm a little obsessed with having our wall hangings be really light. :)

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