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Friday, October 12, 2012

Superman, Batman, and a Photo Shoot

I finished up the boys Halloween costumes a few weeks ago.  Superman and B atman, original I know.  With a very opinionated four year old, I don't always get my way.  I made my own patterns for the costumes using tight pajamas for a guide.  Works like a charm.  The briefs were created using undies, and the bottom portion of a onesie as a guide.

Clark pays really close attention to detail, and wanted to make sure that the costume was just right.  When we were making the individual pieces for the costume, we decided to use the Brandon Roth Superman costume as a guide.  We've had the image on our desktop for months.  At one point I caught Clark going through a checklist of items. "cape, check", "underwear,  check".  "Dark hair, check" (I didn't burst his bubble). "Curl...hmmm, how to get a curl"? Try as we might, we were unable to get his hair to curl for our photo shoot.

I had planned on creating a simple yellow circle belt buckle (like in  past Superman costumes).  Clark would not have it.  He wanted a yellow S on a red background belt buckle. I gave in, because I do appreciate attention to detail.

 Miles was much easier to please.  He doesn't care what you put him in, so long as you chase him around the room before you get him dressed. His costume was complete with leggings, top, brief, and a Batman cape.

The photo shoot however, wasn't complete without some candy. My friend Kandice McDermott took the pictures of the boys in their costumes.  I'm so glad that she did.  So much effort goes into getting kids ready for Halloween, and by the time the camera comes out on Halloween night, their costumes are covered in dry leaves and candy juice. It is nice to have some good pictures of the boys in their costumes.

Clark was a trooper at the photo shoot.  

Miles was sweet, but very busy, and a bit distracted.  Kandice was so good to work with him.  

Remember the diaper cover and bow tie?  Here they are.  I love this shot.  I'm trying desperately to hold onto babyhood, but he's a toddler now, and I probably won't be able to strip him down to a diaper cover for much longer.

Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter.

 ...with a secret identity...

...and super quick costume changing skills.

 Not to mention super strength.

 If you're looking for a photographer in South East Idaho, check out Kandice McDermott Photography. She's great to work with.


Crafty Couple said...

Tricia you are super talented and your boys are adorable. -Dawnette

Emily said...

Aagh! I LOVE these!!! :) Love the attention to detail and the fun pictures. :)

The Ternus Family said...

Tricia, you are such a talented lady! I bet the boys love their costumes. They look amazing!

Unknown said...

Great costumes and adorable pictures! I love the Clark Kent into Superman photos.

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