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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lace Hemmed Shirt with Sumo of Sumo's Sweet Stuff

I'm so excited  to have Sumo, or Sumo's Sweet Stuff, joining in on the Toptoberfest fun today.  She's a mother of three adorable girls, and is always coming up with great projects.  On her blog you'll find a wide range of craft and sewing tutorials,  and not to mention one heck of a link party.  Today she's sharing an adorable lace embellished top, but I'll let her fill you in on the details.

Hello everyone!
I’m Sumo, or Summer if you wanna get formal.

I blog over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff.


It’s my little place in the blogging world where you can come to find sewing and crafting inspiration. Sewing is my favorite creative outlet, but I’m not afraid to bust out the Mod Podge and paint when the mood strikes. You might also catch me professing my love of Target (or the popcorn store as we call it), talking about my relationships with Lucy (Cameo) and Veronica (sewing machine), or bragging about my three beautiful girls. I have an extreme fondness for Diet Coke, my minivan, historical fiction, and most sweets.

With three girls, I spend a lot of time sewing for them. I have a disease where I like them to coordinate, and while I do my fair share of shopping for them, I'm kind of snobby about wanting their church dresses to be homemade. When I got invited to be a part of this fun series, I decided to go outside my usual sewing habits, and make something for ME!

It’s not often that I find something to sew for myself that isn’t a skirt. Granted, this is just embellishing on an existing shirt, but I was still excited to make something for me for a change: a lace hemmed shirt!


The inspiration for this shirt came from this shirt from Zara.

Love the shirt, love the lace, but don't love the price. So I set out to make one of my own!

Here's what you need:

- shirt
- lace (mine was leftover from another project, bought off a bolt by the yard)
- sewing machine/accessories

SDC12366 (2)

I started off by laying out my shirt, and then laying out a double layer of lace, with the wrong sides facing towards each other; just as it would be when it is sewn on to the shirt.


Cut the lace about a quarter to a half of an inch extra to the width of the shirt, then fold the lace in half width wise.


Cut the curve to your lace. I just eyeballed it (I'm daring like that), but you could certainly use something to get your curve, too (like a bowl).


Here's your lace all cut out.


Take your lace, and hem up the edges all the way around. Do this to both pieces.


Pin the right side of the straight edge of the lace to the wrong side of the hem of your shirt.


Sew the lace directly to the shirt.


Repeat on the backside, and guess what? You're done!


Pretty easy, huh?


Immediately go and try it on so that you can send pictures to your bestie.


Get a nice close up view.


Then maybe a side view.

Wear your new shirt the next day and recruit your four year old to take some pictures of you wearing it.


She does a pretty good job, doesn't she?


Thanks so much for having me here today! I hope you'll come on over to Sumo's Sweet Stuff to find more sewing inspiration!

Thanks so much Sumo for being here.  You look great, and so does the top. I'm loving the lace, stripe, and polka dot combination.


Emily said...

So many possibilities with this tutorial. . . :) Love the polka dots too. :)

Sumo said...

Thanks so much for having me!