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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Excuses, Excuses KCWC: Day 1

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to participating in sewing challenges.  I always think that I'll sew along with Project Run and Play.  I always say that I'm going to do the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, and skirt week, and purse week, etc. etc. It just seems that life gets pretty chaotic whenever the sewing challenges pop up.  The truth is that I'm busy, but not any busier than anyone else.  I could do it if I decided I really wanted to.  I was pretty bummed last week when I realized that both KCWC, and Purse week were going on.  I've been overwhelmed with craft fair related projects, and and trying to finish up projects for Top-toberfest (starting next week).  I'd given myself permission to cut back additional sewing projects until the craft fair was over.

Last night Clark refused to wear his new pajama pants to bed because they didn't have a matching superman shirt.  He told me to go make one.  I talked him into a different set of pajamas, and once he was settled down, decided that I was done making excuses, and was going to make time to participate in KCWC, for at least one day.  I ended up embellishing an existing t-shirt with a rocket applique, and hand embroidered the rocket's flame.  Sadly, he wasn't very impressed this morning when I showed it to him.  I told him that from now on I was only sewing for Miles, he's less opinionated about clothing.

Well, since the applique/embroidery didn't take long, I decided to finish up the day by making some pajama pants for some friends' children. It didn't take long, but I participated, for at least one day.  I probably won't do it every day, but I do hope to squeeze a purse into my weekly projects.

How many of you are participating in ongoing sewing challenges?  I'd love to hear about what your working on.  How do you fit it in?


Emily said...

Love those superman pajama bottoms. I'm sad Clark didn't like the top. I had no idea purse week is going on and I didn't sign up for kcwc this time around b/c I'm finishing pr&p (and I'm actually deciding if I can fit signature style week in while coming up with our Halloween costumes). What kind of purse are you planning to make?

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Love the new jammies. And I like the shirt too. Oh man, I have pretty much given up on keeping up with the challenges, but I do enjoy seeing what everybody else makes! :)