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Friday, September 28, 2012's a coming

It's that time again.  What time?  Top-toberfest time.  What's Top-toberfest you ask.  A celebration of shirts, tops, blouses, that sort of thing.

Top-toberfest is going to be starting up October 15th and will run through November 2nd.  I have some great guest bloggers lined up, and I'm super excited to share some new projects with you.

Are you wondering why in the world my Top-toberfest logo has a speech bubble? You don't care, well let me tell you anyway.  Way back in college (8 years ago), I bumped into my future husband.  He was wearing a vintage button up shirt, with pearl snaps (which is now sitting in my re-fashion pile).  I liked the shirt, but more than the shirt, I liked him.  I told him "Hey Jake, I like your shirt".  To which he responded, "it's shirty".  Yep.  It was a shirty shirt, and that was the line that won me over.  Alright it wasn't. In fact we waited two years before we went out next. Anyway, much like my husband's shirt, Top-toberfest is shirty.  We'll  have some fun new tutorials to share with you. I hope your looking forward to it.

PS- Do you ever write with certain voice inflections in your head?  I don't know if I worded that well, but whenever I think of Top-toberfest, I want to announce/yell it in Oprah fashion.

PPS-I just signed up for a craft fair, right in the middle of Top-toberfest....eek.  I'm nervous, and a bit overwhelmed, but I seem to be much more productive when I have a lot going on.

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Emily said...

Okay that is so cute! And yes I do write with inflections in my head but don't think I've ever done Oprah in my head. So excited to see your craft fair goodies and for Toptoberfest (which always makes me sing a song in my head I learned in German class in high school).