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Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Super Woman, and Progress

I had the privilege of sewing a very special cape last week.  Just over a week ago, a good friend from our neighborhood was diagnosed with Leukemia.  She has two kids close to my boy's ages.  Her oldest started kindergarten this week, but sadly she didn't get to see him go to his first day of school.  Instead, she sat in her hospital room, dealing with the side effects of her chemotherapy.  She is a trooper, and has maintained a really positive attitude.  It is such a helpless feeling when people get sick.  There's nothing that I can do to make her sickness go away, and there's nothing that I can say that will change the reality of the disease.  Sewing though, that I can do.

I sent her a message shortly after she was admitted to the hospital, and offered to make Halloween costumes for her children.  I was absolutely thrilled when she accepted my offer.  I was even more thrilled when, in her response, she requested a superhero cape to wear over her hospital gown.  She was concerned about gaping in the back (which I always do as well), and figured that the cape would provide her with the coverage that she needed.  She also knew that her son would love to see his mom in a cape, and he did. Illness and disease is hard on everyone, and I love that she thought of a way to lighten the mood with her son, and make the experience a bit more approachable for him.

I typically make my capes out of satin, but satin just isn't practical when it is worn in the hospital, and will need regular washing.  I had inherited some sparkly purple cotton fabric, and thought it would be a good alternative.  The sparkle adds another dimension to the cape, and honestly, I had zero project ideas in mind when I received it.

If any woman should wear a cape, she should.  She deserves it, and all of the honor that comes with it.

At church we typically have a large crafting party a few months before Christmas, I am so excited that this year, all of the crafts and projects that we make are going to be handmade for her family.  She had wanted to make all of her gifts for her family, so this will give many of us the opportunity to feel like we are doing something to lighten the load, and ease the burden.  You can find many of the projects that we'll be working on, on my pinterest board "Relief Society Ideas".

Adding a few more projects to my list really kicked me into gear, but slowed down the progress on my half finished project challenge.  I'm happy to say that I did complete the following: 12 CTR bands, 1 sweet pea dress with diaper cover, 2 vest onesies, 3 pennant banners, 1 tortilla cozy, and 1 burp cloth.  Progress was definitely made, but my drawer still isn't empty:). I'm happy though.

Last week I did manage to make a few items for an upcoming birthday photo shoot, sew Clark's Halloween Costume, make a thumb print tree for my Sister In Law's wedding later this week, and sew the cape.  So it was a super productive week for me.  Hopefully I can keep things going and turn out another costume or two this week. Is anyone else feeling pressure to start on Christmas projects yet?  I honestly feel like I am booked through New Year's, and it's only the beginning of September.


Emily said...

Prayers for your friend and her family. I'm so glad you could make her an awesome cape! Love that you're going to craft things for her family. Um and a huge high five for sewing all of those things! Can't wait to see the costume(s) and photo shoot items. I am starting to feel the Christmas crunch already. I finally finished a pair of pajama pants for my husband, then will hopefully finish the sew alongs for pr&p (I'm not doing all of the weeks), and then baby gifts and Christmas stuff. :)

Kandice said...

Wowza, that was more productive than an entire month for me! I'm thinking you should sew a WonderWoman cape for yourself next! And yes, I'm already starting to stress over Halloween costumes and the dozens of things I COULD do for Christmas. :-)

What a wonderful thing to be part of, helping your neighbor give her family the handmade Christmas she was hoping for. Please, please let me know if there is anything I can contribute!!