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Friday, August 24, 2012

Zucchini....Tis The Season

You don't have to have you're own garden, this time of year, to be bombarded with zucchini.  Our dear sweet neighbors, that we have had limited interaction with, kindly knocked on our door, to deliver several zucchini.  This, on the same day that I'd decided to dehydrate some of the zucchini that we picked from my parents garden.  I'm not complaining though, I love zucchini, and it can be turned into a number of delicious treats. 

First up: Zucchini bread.  I used Betty Crocker's recipe, and make a couple of loaves for the gluten eating men in my life.

I was in a chocolate cake kind of mood, so rather than make it from scratch, I found a box of gf chocolate cake mix, and added a cup of shredded zucchini to the batter.  I omitted 1/2 cup of liquid from the recipe, and the cake come out nice and moist.  Bonus, I ate my vegetables (and a full cake).

 We also dehydrated some zucchini.  I had a really large zucchini that we cut into 1/4" slices, and then in halves.  These will be great in the winter to throw in a pot of soup.

We threw some shredded zucchini on the top tray.  We'll use this in spaghetti sauce.

It feels great to put the zucchini to good use.  I like it when I don't have to throw food out. 

Zucchini Brownies

Mexican Zucchini Soup

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Dehydrating Sliced and Shredded Zucchini

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