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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding: Thumb Print Tree

As I mentioned recently, my baby brother got married last weekend.  I can't believe we're all married off. Fortunately the five of us didn't get married off the same day. Sidenote: My husband helped get one of the grooms in the Arizona Weddings with his suit.

You may have seen the thumbprint trees around on pinterest or etsy, I love them.  They're a great way to record those in attendance.  It's also something you can hang on a wall, rather than stash away in a wedding box.

The tree is inspired by our neighbor's tree, that fills our front yard with leafs every fall. The image is  prismacolor pencil on illustration board.  I made the image 11x14, but 16x20 would have been even better. The ink pads we used were leaf shaped, and turned out to be perfect for those that didn't want to leave their fingerprint.

The bride and groom loved it.  I added a few personal touches, like the carved initials, and the honey5 bees in the grass (my brother keeps bees).

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shannon said...

i love the tree...wish i had seen that last year :)

LOL at your 5 situation!! thanks for the morning chuckle!

Andrea said...

Little Lamb! You are AMAZING!

Unknown said...

I love this! We just did this for my parents with all of the kids and grandkids, but I just used a tree I found online -- not as personalized or awesome as yours! You are such a great artist. If I were to get married again, I would SO do this. I love that it gives you a pretty momento of everyone who celebrated with you.

Emily said...

What a cool idea! Love the tree!

Didee May said...

What a gorgeous momento of such a special day - I'm going to share this with some of my friends :) Thanks for sharing this on your blog - even with the pain of a sticky key!

Sandy said...

What a wonderful idea!! Makes me wish I knew someone who was getting married so I could do this for them! =)

Unknown said...

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