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Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding: A Little Bit Personal

I wanted to do something nice for my brother for his wedding.  I really like it when the wedding is personal, and says something about who the bride and groom are.  I love my little brother, he is kind, thoughtful, sweet, and very much an individual.  He has quirky interests that make him unique, and I love him for that.

About a year ago he decided that he wanted to keep bees.  He purchased all of the necessary equipment, and set up a hive in my parents apple orchard.  The bees did quite well, and produced delicious amber honey.

When thinking of what we could do to make the wedding day and reception a bit more personal, we thought it would be fun to tie bees into the theme.  Now, the bride was not crazy about having yellow and black bumble bees all around the wedding site, and I wouldn't have been either, so we found a couple of small things.

First, I found some honey bee charms on etsy, and created some tie tacks for my brother, and some of the other men in the family.  I asked for his input, and I was surprised at how particular he was about the type of bees that he wanted.  He DID NOT want the bees to look like bumble bees, they needed to be honey bees.

Some tie tack blanks, some E-6000, and the charms made these little tie tacks.  I quite like them.

We also found some colored honey straws, and created some simple tags as a small wedding favor.

Nothing too over the top, just a small little something to reference my brother and his interests.

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Unknown said...

So cute! I love weddings with personality. I'm afraid mine was a little bland... :)