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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Apple of My Eye Skirt

Day 2 of 3 on paternal cousins skirt week. (Can you call them paternal cousins?). The youngest of the three sisters is starting pre-school this year.  She's an absolute doll, and needed a new skirt all her own.  I've had this apple print corduroy scrap, sitting in my  drawer, just waiting to be used.  I thought this was a fitting print for back-to-school, and the corduroy adds a bit more warmth than a cotton.

I'd intended on having about 2.5 inches more on the length of the skirt, but as I serged my last seam, I somehow managed to catch the under layer in the knife and make a nice ugly hole in the skirt.  I think that the skirt will still work, but it made the proportion of the pockets a bit odd. I tried the skirt on Clark (my husband hates that), and the skirt should still be about knee length, perfect with a pair of leggings.

The skirt features two box pleats, a contrast waistband, and some piped side pockets.  In an effort to save every bit of length I could, I trimmed the hem with bias tape.

Much like the June Bug Skirt, I sewed three bands of elastic onto the back of the waistband, leaving the front flat, and eliminating any need to run to the store for supplies.

I thought that the skirt turned out pretty cute, not perfect, but wearable.  Luckily, my niece could wear a paper bag and make it work.

It's a bit of a hybrid of the piped pocket infant skirt, and the boxed pleat baby skirt.


Emily said...

Super cute!! And that's funny about Clark. ;)

Charity said...

Cute! It's always sad when a machine mangles part of a creation, but nice save! It looks like it was meant to be knee-length. =)