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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love: Clean Dishes, A Good Deal, and Online Shopping

Cascade Complete Pacs Dishwasher Detergent - Regular Scent

I like to think of myself as a bargain shopper.  I love a good deal.  A good deal however, isn't always the product that sells for the lowest price.  Don't get me wrong, my shopping cart is generally filled with quite a few store brand products, but if the store brand just doesn't get the job done, well, it's not a bargain.  The product should fulfill it's function.

I've come to realize that one product I will not cut corners on is my dishwasher detergent.  Having tried a number of different liquids, powders, and gel pacs, Cascade Complete Pacs consistently provide good results. The little pacs are easy to use, and don't make a mess.  My dishes go in dirty, and come out clean. And a big fat bonus, they smell great (I love the citrus as well). Sadly, when I've tried other products in the past, I haven't seen the same results, I may have spent a dollar less initially, but the bottle of soap is still under the sink, it didn't work, and had to be replaced.

In addition to offering great products, P&G is making their products  easier to access.  Their new P&G eStore is open, and offering several fantastic bundles and special offers through the month of August.
You all know how much I love shopping with kids.  Well, now when I'm dashing through the grocery store with the boys, I don't need to stress about remembering to pick up the Pampers, and the Tide.  If I forget them at the store, I can sit down at my lovely computer, and place my personal order, without the entire store having to hear my three year old's melt down (or mine).

One thing that I really love about the new website is that they have e-coupons linked with their proper product.  All you have to do is  put a little check in a box to say you'd like to apply that coupon to that product, and badda boom, badda bang, instant savings.  No more digging through the purse to find the coupon you've been carrying around for three weeks, only to find out it has expired.

 P&G has some more great incentives for you to check out their new store...

-Free Shipping on orders over $25
-10% Discount through August 31, 2012
-Lots of great Olympic themed bundles 

-If that's not motivating enough, they are going to give me a little commission on all orders that you purchase from their eStore, by clicking through the widget above-woot woot! (So make sure to shop through the widget :). 

Click on the widget above, check out their new eStore, and let me know what your favorite P&G products are.  (I also really love their Tide with Febreze....perfect for line dried clothes).  

I'd also love to know what your thoughts are about what makes a product a good deal, how much does price have to do with value?

Opinions are 100% mine.  I chose to write about the Cascade Complete Pacs, because I really do use them, and I really do love them!


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