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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Fabric

About a week ago I had two family gatherings scheduled for the same day.  I was seeing relatives (on both sides), that I don't see very often.  I'd had a large piece of material that I was given, and had been holding onto it for my aunt.  The fabric wasn't quite my style, but I was pretty sure that she'd love it.  When I went to the first family gathering I gifted it to her, and as it turned out, she'd used that same material decorating her kitchen. I was pretty pleased.  I'd gotten rid of a few yards of material that I didn't want taking up valuable space in our small home.  

Love the black and white gingham!

Later that day, I moved onto the second family gathering.  We were at my husband's grandparent's home, and she invited me to look through some sewing patterns that her mom had before she died.  I gladly accepted the invitation, but had no idea that I'd end up hauling home about 5 times as much material as I'd given away.  Not only did I acquire vintage fabric, but also some towels, a sheet, and a few patterns. So my effort to de-stash was counter productive, and I now have even more material to find a home for.  

Oh well.  There are a few prints in the newly acquired fabric stash that I really love. Hopefully I can make something fantastic out of them, and clear them out of the house. Any project ideas?  Some of the material is so different from what I've worked with, that I really have no idea what to make.


Terra said...

How fun! I would love to go to a family reunion and come home with fabric. I love some of those florals!

Kandice McDermott Photography said...

ack! I'm so jealous! I would love to luck into some vintage fabric! :-) You could turn some of it into Jess's maxi dress...some of those would be super cute that way! I also keep thinking about the ruffled teepee tent over at Sewing in No-Man's Land...some of those would look really great as a ruffled teepee! ;-)

Emily said...

Drool!! Love those fabrics! I would make a dress. Okay, I say I would make a dress and I want to make one but I might not be able to cut into it! ha. I also want to make a whole cloth quilt for Ansley and depending on the condition of the sheets, that could be something cool. :) PS I have the hardest time getting rid of stuff and an even harder time saying no to cool stuff!