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Friday, June 29, 2012

Miles: 9 Months Old

 How is it that my lil' baby is now nine months old?  It's really hard for me to believe.  I know that one day he'll be thirty (Anne), and I'll be asking myself the same question.

He's changed so much in the last couple months.  He went from not even rolling at four months to full fledge crawling by six and a half.  As soon as he had that down he was pulling himself up on the furniture, and cruising along the side of it. 

Now he thinks that he can stand by himself, and is getting ready for walking.  He's a bit more cautious then Clark was when it comes to standing and walking.  If he doesn't feel sure on his feet, he has no problem dropping down to get where he want to go.

Mobility really brought out his personality as well.  I used to think that he'd be my laid back child....I think that I was wrong.  He's a busy boys these days.  He also loves rough housing and wrestling.  He loves tickling toes, and is a real joy.

 He's also become much more expressive.  He can hardly stand it when a door closes, or I leave the room.  He'll scream, and cry. He has a couple of words (sounds that he's using), mostly mummmmummumm (mom), and Dja (dad). Miles also loves repeating sounds, Clark will scream, or roar, and Miles will echo it.  It's really quite impressive.

His face has become more expressive as well.  This silly little curled up nose, he makes this expression all of the time. It's not the most attractive expression, but it's his.

This little guy also has two teeth.  They haven't been very much fun for him.  Teething paired with mobility, have made sleep difficult (for us all).  I can't lay him down for a nap anymore.  He just cries, and cries, and cries...all standing up.  He's a stubborn little boy, and doesn't give in easily.  Any suggestions on how to help them fall asleep once they start pulling themselves up in their crib?  I'm all ears.

Fortunately we've found something that cheers him up when he's sad...his brother.  All that Clark has to do is sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Miles perks right up.

We sure do love this guy...even when he's sad.


Anne said...

Thanks for the mention! LOL Yes, make the most of your children because, before you know it, they're 30 and 32! :oD

Natalie said...

So cute Tricia! I can't believe that he's 9 months already! He and Clark (I laughed at the FB post you had the other day with dinosaurs and pirates..ha ha) are such cute little boys! Makes me excited to be having one! Hope you get the sleep stuff figured out, I wish I had advice.

Anonymous said...

cute boy! My Peanut is on a roll, not quite walking, but extremely mobile.

As for sleeping, Peanut is just over 13 months old, and sleeping hasn't been easy. Honestly, I've had to let him cry it out regularly. To lessen that, I aim to wear him out as much as I can. We go outside, we go swimming, something like this. We've developed somewhat of a schedule and I try not to disrupt it; or I disrupt it as little as possible.

Good luck, these boys are a handful!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now, it's really informative.

Naps are hard. I knit a preemie blanket years ago out of coton. I gave it to my son and he loves to chew on it at nap times. I think it's about 12" x 24". We also let him have a beenie baby (pooh bear), and a soft blanket (about 3' x 4'). Even on the hottest days he loves to snuggle with a soft blanket. I also keep the room very dark with blackout curtains. That lets us use the constelation night light that puts stars on the ceiling.

We have an odd policy at nap times that I got from my mom. I tell my son (he's 19 months now but I've been saying this for a year now) that he doesn't have to sleep but he does need to lay in the bed quietly. The timer goes on for one hour and if he is still awake, he get's to come out, otherwise I let him sleep. The only time I go into the room at nap time is if he's crying in such a way that he's hurt or has had a nightmare. Crying because he's mad or wants out doesn't do anything and I ignore it (very tough at first). After a few days/weeks of this our son complied and now sleeps very well, and he needs it since he's a go-all-the-time child who cannot sleep outside of a crib or car seat.

Give him two nap times to rest for at least an hour each, you need the rest too. Eventually things will work out, it's just tough right now and it's hurting you more than him.

Emily said...

He is SO CUTE!!!!! Sorry about the nap times. :( Ansley has never been good at sleeping and is not fun to be around for the last half of the day when she's exhausted but refuses to sleep. I try to stick to a schedule and give her plenty of active time and a snack and cuddle before nap time. I think the thing that made the biggest difference though is black out curtain liners and a cool place to sleep; oh and getting a little break when Tyrone gets home.