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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tutorial: Leather and Nylon Cuffs

I LOVE using up some fabric scraps.  I always feel that after I use a fabric from my stash, that I should be making room in my drawers, but unfortunately fabric scraps seem to take up just as much room as a flat fold.  So, when I am able to use up the last little material scraps from a previous project, it is extremely rewarding. 

These little CTR wrist bands used up the remaining nylon webbing that I had from the Nylon D-ring belts that I made a couple of weeks ago.  Wahoo!  Unfortunately, I liked the bands so much that I went out and purchased five times as much nylon webbing, to make some for my bazaar booth.

What I used:

Scrap piece of leather with CTR (choose the right) stamped in it
1" of velcro tape
6.25" of nylon webbing (3 year old measurements)
Contrasting thread

To start out I added a few rows of contrast stitching along the nylon webbing.  I was surprised how easy it was to feed through the machine with the zig zag stitch.

 Next, I attached the velcro.  You want to attach it to either end of the bracelet, with one piece of the velcro on the top of the band, and one on the bottom (underside). I secured the velcro with a triple stretch stitch.

Once the velcro is attached your cuff is basically done.  You can leave it plain, or add a small leather piece to the top of the band.  To do so you will want to use a leather needle for attachment.

 If you are attaching leather, I recommend that the stamped leather piece is no longer than the top of the wrist.

You can find more information on leather stamping here:

Leather Stamping

Leather Letter Stamping

Casing Your Leather


Emily said...

The contrast stitching is really fun. :)

mrslauralynn said...

The stitching looks great, nice idea :)

Chyrel said...

I can't wait to make these for my CTR's. Thank you for sharing. Will try to use stamped rings for the girls. Love your site. Chyrel

Billy Webb said...

These look really good. You could even ditch the velcro and put a side release buckle on for an added touch.