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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iron Man Arc Reactor Inspired T-shirt

If you've been reading for a while, then I'm sure that you know that Clark loves superheroes.  The other day I asked him who is favorite super was, and to my surprise he said Iron Man.  Iron Man does not wear a cape, instead he has a high tech suit that he engineered. In the center of his suit is the glowing arc reactor that keeps Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) alive.

Rather than make an Iron Man cape for Clark, I decided a t-shirt would be more appropriate. I prefer subtle nods to superheroes, and so the Iron Man Arc Reactor shirt was born.  I'm guessing that 95% of people that see this shirt on the street won't immediately know that it is intended to represent the arc reactor, but those that know Iron Man, might just pick it up.

One thing is for certain.  Clark knows that it is his Iron Man shirt, and he LOVES it.   I used a freezer paper stencil to create the arc reactor, and then (per my husbands suggestion) added the Stark Industries logo to the back of the t-shirt.  For the arc reactor, I started with a base layer of a light blue fabric paint, then added a second layer of white in the center of the stencil shapes.  It gives it a bit of a blue glow.

I'm really pleased with how the shirt turned out.  It's been done for about a week now, and Clark has worn it at least 3 times (washed between wear).

Does your little (or big) super need one?  You can find the ARC REACTOR TEMPLATE  here.


Emily said...

100000% love this! :)

Susan said...

This is so cool! I love subtle nods as well. It's almost like a cool inside joke.

Lisa Johnson said...

So fun! I have a nephew who LOVES Iron Man so I may have to make a similar one for his upcoming birthday. How did you do the Stark Industries on the back, is it a stencil as well or an iron on? Thanks for all the great things you post! I may not comment much but I read every post!

Pearl Girl said...

I am going to have to make this because my four year old keeps drawing circles on his chest lol
p.s. I am a Blackfoot native :)now residing in Burley. Go Broncos!

Unknown said...

I just saw this while looking for kids crafts. I thought to myself - the heck with my grandson - I want one - ok - maybe my son in law too. Ok - grandson too. Sigh.
Thanks for a great idea - I love it!