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Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Mother's Day Felt Flower Magnets

 I have the best mom for me, and a wonderful mother-in-law. They're quite fantastic.  I always feel a bit overwhelmed at Mother's day, because there really isn't a gift that you can give a mother, that really shows the appreciation that I have for all that they do for me and my family.  So rather than stressing myself out trying to decide what to get them, I let Clark do it for me.  What grandmother doesn't love a gift that their grandchildren picked out? 

This year when I asked Clark what he wanted to give to his Nana and Grandma, he said that they needed some pretty magnets.  Pretty magnets-great idea.  Pretty magnets to hang up all of the adorable photos of their grandkids.

So we of course decided to go to the standard mother's day theme of flowers for our "pretty magnets".

I asked Clark what material he wanted to make the flower magnets out of, and he chose felt (smart boy).  Then he chose the colors he wanted to use for each of the grandma's flowers.  We used my go baby! fabric cutter, and the rose of sharon die to cut out multiple felt flowers.  We used between 3-4 different sizes of felt flowers for each magnet. We also used coordinating buttons for the flower centers, and used neodymium magnets for the centers.  And can you believe that I busted out my glue gun for this project?  Yep, no sewing machine required.

On the largest/bottom flower, we made a ring of glue, and centered the magnet it the ring.

Next, we stuck the second largest flower on top...

....glued some more, and added a third felt flower.

We then topped off the the flower with a little button attached with hot glue.

  All done.  Clark loved to be able to help with this project.  He rolled the felt through the go baby!, and helped pull the trigger on the glue gun.

 A bunch of blooms that will last all year long, or at least until they're torn apart by grandkids.

You could of course cut out your own flowers.  You can create flower templates in varying sizes in any word processing program, and use them to cut out your flower shapes.

Wrap up the magnets in a pretty package (because nothing says I love you like a brown paper bag and paper doilies).


Emily said...

Clark has good taste! Great idea to put the magnet in the middle. :) And Happy Mother's Day to you!

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