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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jersey Necklush Scarf...From a Knit Dress

You've seen the t-shirt scarfs, in fact you've probably seen my tutorial here. Well here is my new ombre  Valentine's Day version.  A while back I picked up an XL women's sundress for $1 at Wal-mart.  I always feel guilty buying things like that, but all of that material for $ was a good buy.

I had initially intended to turn it into a girl's skirt or dress, but come on, I don't have a little girl.  So instead I made myself another scarf. Because of the shape of the dress, each color was slightly smaller than the shade below it, making it perfect for the scarf.  Each strand gradually gets smaller as you work your way up.

Very festive right?  I figure that if I get sick of wearing it I can always turn it into a chunky braided bracelet, or maybe one of Ashley's five strand braided headbands.


Jane M said...

What an amazing result from that awful dress. Wonderful colors and perfect for Valentine's.

Unknown said...

So adorable! Perfect for the season.

Emily said...

Oh it's gorgeous!! Love the color and how it changes sizes. I bought some of those dresses for a dollar too, but haven't done anything with them yet! :)