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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Long Lost Project: Leather Coil Headband

Here's a long lost project for you.  I've been intending on making myself a leather headband with multiple strips, since I made my leather coil cuffs, but I never got around to (which is ridiculous because it took no time at all). I recently snatched up a piece of bronze colored foil leather, it was perfect for the project.

I cut a 3/4" x 14"  strip. I left about an inch and a half of solid leather on each end, and  cut two slits in my leather (1/4" apart) using my rotary cutter.

I then used this tutorial, and some elastic, to turn it into a little headband.

The cuts in the leather allow you to separate the individual "coils", for a fun look.

I had enough leather left over for a slightly different coil cuff.  I cut three of my strips to 1/8" wide, and two to 1/4".


Kandice said...

Love that headband! I like how you keep the ends of the leather one solid piece, instead of cutting the strips all the way through... I had one like this once and it was a pain to keep all the straps together. Very nice!

Andrea said...

I LOVE your hair and bangs!

Unknown said...

Ooh, I love it! And it looks extra great with your brown hair.