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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tips Tricks and Techniques: Version 2- Reusable Patterns

I've shared ideas before on creating reusable patterns, but I'm really excited about this next idea. I made up some christmas stockings for our new family of four.  I wanted to make sure that I saved the pattern so that I could use it in the future (should our family grow even more). The pattern needed to be durable and easy to store.

I found a scrap piece of clear vinyl that I had laying around from past projects (see: magnetic bibs, paper and plastic card wallets, and wipeable changing pads). The clear vinyl is perfect because you can write on it with permanent marker, you can pin through it, and it folds up nicely.  My favorite part about using the clear vinyl is that you can see through it.  Because it is transparent you can easily transfer an existing pattern to the vinyl. You can also see the fabric beneath, perfect for matching patterns or centering designs.

 I am always jotting notes onto the patterns that I make.  For this one I wrote down the seam allowance along with the year-that way I won't confuse it with any other versions.

I'm still hoping to share a little tutorial for the Christmas stockings. I just need to get my buns in gear.


Emily said...

What a smart idea! Will you be posting more details about your stockings?

Lindsay said...

Very neat idea! I have been using wax paper for the same reason, you can see through it! Its just not as sturdy as the vinyl would be.

Please share how you made your stockings! I want to make new ones for my family and those are adorable!

Erin said...

great idea tricia!