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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boys in Bow Ties

I really do love my boys in bow ties.  I grew up with my husband, and one of the things that I've always loved about him (before I ever fell in love with him), is his quirky sense of style.  He's by no means fashion forward, but he sure can work a bow tie.  

I started making bow ties for my husband and Clark last Christmas, and it seems that for every gift giving holiday I end up making them new bow ties.  Some of you may tire from seeing the same projects repeated with new fabric, but I do love how this batch turned out.   

Here are a few of my favorite things about this batch:

1-The stripes.  I love a stripe cut on the bias.  I love that the stripes end up running in the same direction when tied.

2- The fabric, particularly the silver fabric.  It is the perfect weight for a bow tie.  I think that I am finally figuring out the appropriate weight for the bow tie.  The green and blue fabric is too thick, but the silver is light weight, and pressed so nicely.  It also looks crisp and sharp when tied.  A silk weight or silk like fabric is best.

3-Adjustments. The mens bow tie pattern that I used is The David Bow Tie pattern from Burda Style (free on their web site).  The only problem is that it is a bit short when sewn together.  I've figured out how much I need to adjust the length so that the tie is easy to tie.  I also decided to use a continuous piece of elastic for Clark's bow ties.  In the past I've used two separate pieces that velcro together, this just adds unnecessary bulk under the collar.  

 4-Texture. This rust colored fabric has some definite texture to it.  The darker stripes are embossed and velvety.  It adds a bit of bulk to the fabric, but I still love, Love, love it.

Ahhh....Stripes. Retro Pointed Bow Tie by Cheri .

In case you are wondering...Miles is going to sport his first bow tie Christmas Day for his baby blessing.  I'll post pics of his outfit as soon as I finish it up.

So do you have any gifts that you repeat every Christmas?  I know that my husband can almost always count on a new pair of socks from my parents?


Emily said...

Oh my goodness these are darling! Love the bias cut stripes and elastic is a great idea! Pinning this. :)

Megs said...

Love the bowties!

I hate that this might sound snooty, because it's totally not meant that way. But my mom, sis and I always buy my dad bees, rabbits, ducks or whatever else catches our eye. Why snooty sounding? Because it's donations through Heifer International that buys the shares of the animals to help people around the world. It's the only thing that you can count on.

Or the bathroom books for my brother in law...