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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top-toberfest: Pumpkin Shirt Tutorial by Jen of Eating my Candy

When I first decided that I wanted to run Top-toberfest on the blog this year, I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it on my own.  I am so grateful that to have several guest bloggers that were willing to share their talents with us, and have provided us with some fantastic projects and tutorials.
Jen from Eating my Candy with Pork and Beans is our guest blogger today, she has prepared a fantastic tutorial for an adorable Pumpkin shirt.  It's perfect for the upcoming holidays, and looks adorable on her daughter.  You can find her blogging regularly at Eating My Candy with Pork and Beans, be sure to pay her a visit and check out her other great projects. Here's Jen.
I love it when my kids have cute holiday shirts to wear,
but I have a huge pet peeve about spending money on clothing they will only wear a couple of times
and I have a bigger pet peeve about them wearing holiday clothing after the holiday is over.
I have issues.
Moving on...
I'm going to show you how I made this
Pumkin Shirt
modeled by the cutest girl child there ever was
it's true.
don't even argue.

I found this black and white shirt at the dollar store and snatched it up.
It was the perfect shirt for a holiday shirt.
Supplies needed:
One t-shirt
Orange felt (about 5"x7")
Green felt (scraps)
Orange cotton fabric scraps
Green cotton fabric scraps
Orange thread (optional.  White will also work)

Step 1: Cut out a pumpkin shape (and stem) and pin it in place on the center front of the shirt.

Step 2: Sew around the pumpkin and stem.

Step 3: Cut out little rectangles of your scrap fabric 
(I used several prints)
They should be about 1"x1/2"
Step 4: Squeeze the center of the rectangle until it looks like a little bow.

Step 5: Sew each rectangle on one or two at a time.

Start at the top, just under the stem and work your way around the pumpkin.

Step 6:  Sew two rows in the center following the natural curves of a pumpkin.
Then sew a few scraps to the stem.

Step 7:  Find an adorable 5 year old to model (and then keep) the shirt.

*Step 7 is optional. ;)

Thanks so much Jen for sharing this top with us.  It is so cute, and a great scrap-busting project to boot.  
Don't forget to link up your tops and tees in the Top-toberfest link party.


Unknown said...

How cute! And an adorable model too :)

Emily said...

What a pretty girl and fun pumpkin shirt. :)

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

That is adorable, and because it's not a jack o lantern, she could wear it all the way to thanksgiving! I love it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting my host. It was a lot of fun. :)