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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dress Up: Polka Dot Dinosaur Tail

Jess of Running With Scissors, offers a fantastic tutorial for a dinosaur dress up tail for kids.  Clark just celebrated his third birthday, and I thought that some imaginative dress up props would be perfect for him.  

I followed Jess's tutorial, and came up with my own polka dotted felt version.  I used only materials I had on hand, which made it very economical.  I used my Accuquilt Go! Baby with my circle die cuts to cut out the polka dots.  My Go! Baby definitely saved me lots of time (click here for the giveaway).

I personalized the dinosaur tail by stitching the year and love mom on a couple of polka dots on the inside of the tail.

One thing that I wish I'd done differently is the spikes.  The two layers of felt provide it with quite a bit of rigidity, but I wish that I'd topstitched the edges to hold them in position better.

I mentioned that I used only materials that I had on hand, and that includes the filling.  Rather than using a poly fill, which can be a bit pricey, I stacked up plastic grocery sacks and used my rotary cutter to cut them into strips.  I then used all of the plastic strips to tightly fill the dinosaur tail.  There is a bit of a crinkling sound when Clark straps on the tail, but he doesn't mind one bit and either does my pocket book.

Clark loves his new dinosaur tail, and if I don't happen to finish up his Halloween costume in time, this would be a perfect back up.  What dress up props do you have in your home?  I'm thinking that a box of props is going to help beat cabin fever come winter.

Remember that there are just a couple more days to enter the accuquilt Go! baby giveaway.  Also, starting Monday of next week I'll  be kicking off Top-toberfest, so gather all of the links to your top and tee creations so that you can link them up to the party.

Thanks for reading.


Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

not only is this completely ADORABLE...but I love that you used old bags for filling - soooo smart! May have to take your cue on that one! Question - how did cutting them into strips help?


Unknown said...

Such a smart use of grocery bags! For my son's 2nd birthday in September, we just bought him a bunch of costume dress-up hats from the party store. They're inexpensive and he loves them!

The Hoffers said...

I used old bags for filling in pillows for outside on the porch and used the vinyl tablecloths for he material so it didn't matter if the weather messed with them.

Jessica said...

Great dino tail and I love the idea of stuffing with plastic bags, as I have a huge mound that I keep forgetting to take to be recycled! It turned out great, I love the polka dots too.