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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Faux Leather Poopy Clutch

I decided to whip up a diaper and wipes clutch prior to babies arrival.  Melissa of I Still Love You, offers several free variations of her Poopy Clutch.  I decided to try out the scalloped edge poopy clutch, using some faux leather/vinyl that I had on hand. 

I wanted to use only the supplies that I had on hand (saving for baby bills), so I decided to use a heavy duty  snap in place of the fastener that she used.

I also added a flower detail that I cut out using my Go! Baby fabric cutter.  I used the Rose of Sharon die, and cut out one of each of the three biggest flowers.

I stitched around all sides of the piece of vinyl, using an elongated stitch in contrasting thread. I then used some Fabri-Tac glue to secure the three bottom corners (a variation from Melissa's tutorial).  After the glue was fully dry I attached the bottom snap.

I punched a small hole in the center of my flowers, though I only ended up being able to use two of them.

Due to the thickness of the vinyl, I was only able to secure two layers of flower with the top flap of the clutch.  I attached my snap through the three thicknesses of material.

I then used my leather punch and hammer to punch a few holes along each scalloped edge.

 It accommodates several diapers nicely. Now I need to go hunt through my boxes of baby supplies to find my travel size wipes container.  The travel size pampers container was a bit too large for this clutch, but I think that the huggies container will be just about perfect.


Christy said...

Hi. I found you through one of your fleece hats on pinterest, and have been browsing around. I am your newest follower. Love you blog.

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

This is gorgeous Tricia! I am so inspired to make one now, i really LOVE your version - beautiful.

Lana Manis said...

This clutch is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it. I have been looking for a flower shape cutter that will work on wool... and if this worked on leather, I'm assuming it will also work on wool. Did it cut the leather without much trouble? Thanks! :)