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Monday, August 8, 2011

Well Dressed Man Onesies and Shorts

The practice onesie that I'll be hanging on to for my little guy.

 My brother was married last month, and I decided to take on the responsibility of making some little outfits for  two of my sweet nephews.  I found some men's dress shirts on clearance at Old Navy, and thought that they would make some darling, and lightweight,  little wedding outfits.

The tops have an appliqued tie, and a vest that is attached at the side seams of the onesie.  I ended up using interfacing on both of the vest pieces to provide it with a bit more structure.

The shorts were designed by me, and made to match.  They feature a faux fly, and some decorative tabs on both the side of the short pant, and on the back pocket.  The vests and shorts have several yellow buttons to pull the whole outfit together.

I love that the men's dress shirt's provided a lightweight material for the shorts.  Who wants to make a little baby suffer in the summer heat?  I was able to squeeze both outfits out of the two shirts, but I did have to be very careful when laying out my pattern pieces.

I don't have a tutorial or pattern prepared, but maybe in the future. I was really pleased with the fit of the shorts, and the overall appearance of the outfit, but these little cuties could make anything look good.


Emily said...

These are darling!! Some of the best looking boys clothes ever. :)

Casey said...

that is the cutest outfit!!

Cath said...

Let us know if you decide to sell the pattern.

Unknown said...

SO cute! I love the vest on the onesie -- it adds so much to the adorable factor!

Erin said...

I loved Marshall's little outfit and he looked so handsome in it. You are very talented!

Stephanie Krohn said...

Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. I hope you don't mind, but I made a very similar outfit and blogged about it here: I linked back to your post.