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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reusable Flannel and Fleece Nursing Pads

The one nice thing about not knowing whether we are expecting a boy or a girl, is that I can spend some time making some of the more practical items for mama and baby.

I found this great tutorial on Passionate Homemaking and used it as my guide. I loved the idea of using fleece for the wrong side of the nursing pad.  The fleece creates a moisture barrier to prevent leaks.  Rather than using three layers of flannel for each nursing pad, I sandwiched one layer of thin cotton batting between the layer of flannel and fleece. Hopefully they will be plenty absorbent.

While nursing pads might seem a bit too personal to gift at a baby shower, I'm sure that they'd be a very appreciated gift to any new nursing mom.

This was a great scrap project, I used the left over bits of flannel, fleece, and batting that I had on hand.  I love making my way through a scrap pile.


Emily said...

These are so cute! What a great idea for scraps! I bet they're more comfortable than a lot of store bought ones. You'll have to let us know how the fleece does for absorption. :)

Emily and Brandon Hansen said...

I have been using and REusing these ever since you brought them to me! The only down side i see is that the flannel, after a good feeding, sticks to your nipple a little bit.. Nothing serious! I love them! I love that i can just throw them in the wash and have new ones instead of having to buy more and more... Thanks Tricia!!! I LOVE THEM!

Unknown said...

Smart! I've thought about using reusable nursing pads... I just might have to try it :)

the mrs said...

Your serged edge looks so professional! Did you use a special type of thread? It looks almost soft and fluffy. And congratulations on the baby boy (I read in your more recent post). Elizabeth ~