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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Personalized Diaper Changing Pad

You  may remember my Wipeable Diaper Changing Pad, from last summer, if you don't, you can find the link to the tutorial on my side bar.

I really do love these diaper changing pads, and use it whenever I can with Clark (oh how I wish he was potty trained...or at all interested in being potty trained). It wipes clean, and is very convenient for when I'm on the go.  I stuff a partially emptied package of wipes, and a couple of diapers inside the changing pad, and I'm off.

I recently made this personalized changing pad for my niece that is due to arrive in early spring.

My new sewing machine has the ability to stitch a few basic fonts.  The letters aren't very large, but it has been a lot of fun to play around with.

Brother SA114-Non Stick Foot

Now, working with vinyl is not the easiest thing to do. Because this particular project has two sides of vinyl, it becomes even more complicated. Often times the vinyl will stick to either the presser foot, the strike plate, or both.  To make the sewing process go a bit smoother, I like to use a non-stick presser foot.  It allows the vinyl, leather, or other hard to sew material, to slide beneath the presser foot without as much "stick".

To prevent the vinyl from sticking to the strike plate or sewing machine, I like to pull the material, by gently lifting the bottom layer of vinyl away from the sewing machine (rather than pushing the material through the machine with my hand on top of the material).  You can also place a layer of gift wrapping tissue paper under the bottom piece of vinyl.  It will allow the material to move with greater ease as well.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for reading.


Emily said...

Love it! Thanks ahead of time for the vinyl tips. :) I'm off to check out your original tutorial. . . .

Erica {B is for Boy} said...

My hubby just got me a new sewing machine that has some script too. It also does embroidery but I'm a little intimidated! I will have to check out the changing pad tutorial- I have some baby gifts to make.

Susie said...

Your tip said to try putting tissue paper under the bottom piece of vinyl. Do you sew through the tissue too and then tear it away when finished sewing? Thanks!