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Friday, February 4, 2011

Let It Be Spring

Homeplace - W89L - Backyard Cottage Playhouse with Front Porch, Dormers and Loft

No news could be more welcome, than that delivered by our good friend the groundhog.  I am tired of cold weather, icy roads, and snow on my front steps.  I'm ready for spring, don't let me down Phil.

Backyard Products - 4505 - Explorer's Station Swing Set

I feel that we've been cooped up in our house for far too long.  I'm ready for swing sets, green grass, and trampolines.

I recently spent a bit of time browsing CSN stores.  While I don't have much room in my backyard, my parents certainly do.  They've many a time brought up the fact that they need to build a play area for the grandkids to use.  When I was growing up in my childhood home, we had a wooden fort with sandbox .  There were many imaginative adventures that took place in our back yard.

If you are like me, and haven't developed the skills to build your own play house or sand box, visit CSN Stores and check out all of their fun outdoor toys.

Wham-O - 39029-A0560 - Arctic Force™ Snow Trac Ball

Sibi - SI-PEAK - Peak Sled

If you love winter,  or have determined to make the best of the rest of the winter, have a look at their winter toys. The Sibi-Si-Peak Sled looks dangerously fun.

While we're on the topic, what are your favorite activities to do with your kids during the different seasons.  I'm always looking for engaging activities, no matter the season.

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Emily said...

I'm itching for spring too!! You've found some fun toys.

We left our little girl run around stores (closely supervised). It's certainly not ideal but it's bigger than our house. She's also into dancing and trying to jump, as well as throwing lightweight balls (like the balls you find in ball pits) around the house.