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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sewing Room Gratitude

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday I thought that it might be appropriate to take this time to list a few of the things that I am grateful my sewing room (I mean kitchen).  Everyone has their favorite tools that make their lives a bit easier.  Everything on my list is simple and inexpensive, making them perfect stocking stuffers or gifts.

Olfa Rotary Cutting Tool

I love this baby.  My parents gifted to me last year at Christmas, and I have certainly put it to good use.  It works like a dream and I haven't even had to replace the blade.  Something that makes this tool the tip top of my list is the pinking blade that can easily be used to finish off raw edges (essential if you are serger-less and lazy like me).

Ikea Paper Roll with Stand (don't attempt to stuff this in a stocking)

Now don't go thumbing through your Ikea catalog looking for the paper roll with stand, you need to find it's proper Swedish name (which I have no idea what it is).  I found these wonderful rolls of paper at Ikea in the kid's arts and crafts section.  You can hook the rolls of paper up to an easel, or to an independent base (pictured).  I love to use this paper to make my own patterns.  It is inexpensive and I can cut it to the desired length.  The base has a nice edge for making a clean tear of the paper.  If you are looking for a nice material to make rough draft patterns then I would highly suggest this.  If I remember correctly each roll of paper is around $5.00, and the base isn't too far from that.

14 in 1 Measuring Tool

I love this.  It is a small handy tool that offers 14 standard measurements.  I use it all the time when factoring in seam allowances for patterns.  Obviously I got mine as a free gift from, but I know that they are available at craft and sewing stores. I use mine daily.


I made this two pincushions earlier this year.  They used very little material, so they can easily be made with scraps.  I also love having two pincushions on hand so that I can have one near my iron, and one near my sewing machine.  I've been trying to decide whether or not I should write up a tutorial for the rounded cushion, any interest?

Needle Book

I love my needle book.  I am notorious for leaving needles all over the place.  This simple felt needle book gives my needles a home.

What are your favorite sewing room tools?  I'm really interested in making some pattern weights...I hate pinning patterns.

Here's just a little tease for Hip for the Holidays.


Emily said...

I sew in my kitchen too! My 18 month old can't stop talking about my sewing machine at meal times. ha. I love my rotary cutter and cutting mat. I am also serger less and love my pinking shears. I'd be interested in a pin cushion tutorial- no rush- I've already got a huge sewing list. :)

Unknown said...

Ooh, a wonderful list. I am always thankful for my seam ripper. I make far too many mistakes to ever sew without him! I'm also interested in a pin cushion tutorial - they're adorable!