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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gearing Up For Fall: Raglan Shirt with Bulldog Applique

Mr. C and I are getting ready for a nice fall vacation next week.  It has me paranoid that while we are gone the seasons are going to change and we will be stranded wearing our summer clothing in very fall like weather.  I decided to make Mr. C a long sleeve shirt from a couple of existing shirts (cream and navy) and some remaining knit yardage  that I had on hand. You'll recognize the moss green trim and warm brown knit from my handstitched top and cap sleeve tutorial.

I ended up making the pattern from an existing shirt.  I added a bit of extra length in the arms and torso to accommodate for growth.  For more information on making a pattern from an existing clothing article see here, for information on piecing together a raglan shirt see here.

The image is a free image from Ottobre.  I love the bulldog, and Clark helped pick it out.  I used a cut away technique for the applique and topstitched around the edges (that was the most painful part).

The thing that I love about Raglan shirts is that they are great for growing into.  You don't look quite so dopey if the shirt is a bit large, because you don't have a shoulder/sleeve seam hanging down around your elbows. I love making clothes for kids.  Hopefully Clark allows me to so for him for a few more years.

I added a few messy stitches with embroidery floss along the cuffs and the applique. Clark was such a sweet boy for our little photo shoot, he didn't sit still long, but look at all of those smiles he gave me.  He's a bit under the weather today, so I am missing those smiles.

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Unknown said...

So cute! And I had never even thought about raglans sleeves being good "growing into" sleeves because of the lack of shoulder seams. I am now on the hunt for more raglan sleeves for my husband... :)

Unknown said...

I think this shirt is adorable ! I doesn't look homemade at all. I even love the color combinations and the fact that you did such a cool bulldog on the front. Nice work!

Karin van D. said...

It looks great. And he looks so cute. I hope he'll be feeling better again soon!