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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Favorite Things: Thrifty Finds and Cookies

A couple of things that you should know about me are that 1-I have a major sweet tooth, and 2-I love a good deal.  Today I am going to showcase a bit of both.  I recently found a couple of cream colored serving platters at a local thrift store. They weren't a set, but I think that they complement each other nicely.   I was able to purchase each platter for $2.00 a piece (a pretty good deal in my mind).  

I love how lacy this first platter is.  Doesn't it make the cookies look that much more delicious.  

This second platter has a very subtle embossed border around the edge.  Besides the small chip on the end of the platter it is in very nice condition.  

It made the perfect pit stop for these Berry flavored cookies that I made the other day.  The cookies themselves don't look all that beautiful, but they were tasty.  I was having a major cookie craving, but didn't have any chocolate chips in the house.  I figured that if you can have blueberry muffins why not blueberry cookies.  Clark ate them up (and I helped).  Along with frozen blueberries I added a couple of tablespoons of raspberry jam. They were delightful.  I just followed Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  I can't wait to try these cookies with both blueberries and dark chocolate chips-they'll be loaded with antioxidants.

By the way, the cookies are gluten free.  My favorite flour substitute is Blue Chip Group's Buttermilk (apparently now Augason Farms) Pancake mix.  I reduce the baking soda by about 1/4 tsp, eliminate the salt, and add a bit of xanthan gum.  I usually measure the amount of pancake mix that the recipe calls for in flour.  In general I have to add rice flour  until the desired or "normal" chocolate chip cookie dough is achieved.  It is a bit of an experiment every time, but they have turned out better than any other cookie I've tried.

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Unknown said...

i have a bunch of blackberries that i need to use... i wonder if those would work in your little cookies... hmmm... anyway the cookies look awesome! and the platters are gorgeous. what a great find!