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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wipeable Changing Pad for Baby

You might recognize the materials from this project-they are the remnants from my reversible bib project.  We had enough fabric and vinyl left over that we decided to make these very useful little changing pads.  I would love it if my 20 month old was potty trained, but he's not yet.  I'd been using the same changing pad since he was born.  I made the first changing pad as well, but it wasn't wipeable or vinyl, consequently it has mustard yellow stains all over the soft terry cloth and flannel.  While I've loved the old changing pad this is a welcome edition to the diaper bag.

This was really simple to make the dimensions of the cut fabric are 19x12 inches.

 Materials we used were:

  • 2 pieces of coordinating fabric cut to size
  • 2 pieces of medium weight vinyl cut to size 
  • 1 piece of thin batting (such as warm and natural) cut to size
  •  1 package of extra wide double fold bias tape
  •  1 square  piece of velcro, ours was 7/8".  (Wouldn't it be fun to try the magnetic closure on this as well?)
After cutting out our fabric, lining, and vinyl we rounded the corners of the rectangle using a bowl as a guide. You will want to position the materials in the following order: vinyl, 1 fabric, lining, fabric, and on top the remaining piece of vinyl.  I then stitched around the perimeter of the changing pad, 1/4" away from the edge (you will want to stitch close enough to the edge that the bias tape covers the stitch).   Next I folded the diaper pad in thirds and marked the fold marks.  I then stitched along the fold marks to anchor the materials in the middle.  After anchoring the materials it is time to sew on your bias tape.  Simply keep your bias tape pulled rather taut and maintain the edge of the pad in the crease of the tape.  I like to fold in the raw edges of the bias tape when finishing my ends.  After attaching you bias tape fold your changing mat into thirds and determine the positioning of your velcro or closure (see the last picture).  I used the softer of the velcros for the outer flap (the velcro will be attached to the inside of the mat which is the changing surface).  I stitch around the perimeter of the velcro piece and then sew corner to corner forming an X through the center of the piece of velcro.  Attach your second piece of velcro on the outer layer of the inside flap, your velcro will be positioned near the fold.

That's it and that's all.  A really simple and quick project that will be a great edition to the diaper bag, this is also a great thing to give to a new mother and a great project for new sewers.


Unknown said...

LOVE this project (and it's on my to-do list, so I'll be back). I came over to see the changing pad, but got lost in all of the other terrific stuff you have on your blog- SO useful! And such terrific projects!
We have a linky party on Fridays- we'd love it if you'd link up tomorrow (I'd ask you to link to this, but I feel like you could link to anything you've done this month and it'd be helpful!). :)

Unknown said...

I already mentioned how much I love this, but I thought I'd let you know that we're featuring you tomorrow... come on by and grab a button! :)

Nicole Ferguson said...

I am a newbie sewer and attempted this...I love the results but really struggled with the vinyl. What foot do you use when working with vinyl? Any tips on making is easier. I was just using the regular foot on my machine and it would not feed correctly and just gave me a horrible time. I also just bought some vinyl off the big bolts at JoAnn's, probably thin not medium weight. Where do you purchase yours? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Nicole,, you can put some light weight paper or tearable stabilizer under the seam and it will glide smoothly. then just tear away the paper wehn done sewing!

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