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Friday, June 18, 2010

Magnetic Numbers

So my husband and I have been trying...I wouldn't say diligently, but trying nonetheless to work with our 20 month old on learning numbers, colors, and shapes. I figure that if he is smart enough to recognize animals and make their noises that he could probably learn to recognize his numbers.

About a month ago I decided that I was going to put the magnets and felt that I had sitting around to good use. I am quite pleased with the way these little numbers turned out. Clark loves to move them around on the fridge. He still can't identify all of them (most of them are "Wee" or Eight- "Wee being how he says three), but at least he can become familiar with them.

One of my favorite things about these magnetic numbers is that the magnets are enclosed. The thing that I dislike about the little plastic magnetic numbers and letters is that the magnets always seem to be falling off. In my opinion it is just too dangerous for little guys. Let me know what you think. I bought some felt with the intention of posting some in my Etsy store (which is the only reason that I haven't done a tutorial yet), but am still searching for the time to get it going.


Jaycie said...

From New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative...

I LOVE the magnetic numbers you made. I have a 21 month old and I am pretty sure she could recognize her numbers if I worked with her on it. I will have to try this out! Have a great weekend!

Mystee said...

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Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

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I am following you back.
Have a wonderful weekend.