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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quiet Book, Hello Sunshine

In advance I will apologize for the photo, it is quite washed out.  This is a fun little page to add to your child's activity book.  It is helpful in teaching children about the rising and setting of the sun.  The sun sits snuggly between the mountains and then can be moved and placed high in the sky.  It is a bit of a peek-a-boo game.  My toddler loves to be able to move the piece around.  This is a quite simple page to make. It is fun to use two different patterns and shades of purple for the mountains, but I was running low on purple prints so I just used the wrong side of the fabric for the far mountain. Using a lighter shade of purple in the back is a great way to add a bit of atmospheric perspective.

As with all of the moveable or handled pieces in the activity book, the sunshine has two layers of lining to provide stability (If you are using felt use 1 piece lining, and 1 piece felt).  For this sunshine I used an ultra soft no fray yellow fabric for the rays, and a printed pale yellow cotton fabric for the sun.  I wish that the yellow in the middle was a bit darker-oh well.  You can attach your pieces however you'd like. On this particular page I chose not to finish the edges on the mountains, I like the slight raveling on the edges.  I  used a triple stitch along the perimeter of the mountains to ensure that they were securely attached.  I used a blanket stitch on the sun itself, I think that it gives it a bit of charm.

The supplies that you will need for this page are:  lining or a thin bat, two shades of purple fabric, 1 piece of sew on velcro, 1 piece of 1/4" wide elastic (About 6 inches long), embroidery floss for details, and your prepared quiet book page.

Hello Sunshine Instructions Hello Sunshine Template Please note that the written instructions and template are two different files and will need to be printed separately.

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Lenetta said...

Oh, how I love looking at quiet book pages!! I made an ABC book for my daughter without a pattern and it was certainly a labor of love... I linked to this on my weekly roundup - thanks so much for sharing!