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Friday, April 18, 2014

Everyday Elsa Tunic and Leggings

My sweet niece Paisley just celebrated her third birthday, and like most three year old girls around the world, she loves Frozen.  So an Elsa dress was the obvious choice.  But, she's three, and three year olds run around, climb on furniture, and don't really need  trains tripping them up while they are playing. So, the Everyday Elsa tunic dress was born.  It has a high low hem at the base of the tunic, which references the Elsa train, but eliminates tripping hazards.  The chiffon knit that I used for the dress is semi-sheer, and I left the sleeves and the yolk unlined, to one again reference the original dress.

Paisley had wanted an off the shoulder neckline, but her mom wasn't too keen on the idea.  We made the neckline a slight boat neck, and cropped the sleeves at 3/4.  

 I love how the sparkly little outfit turned out, and now she can wear it everyday, all day (if her momma allows).

A pair of little leggings allow for modest play.  Perfect for an active little princess.


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