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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweater to Slip Cover Upcycle

One of my New Year's ReSewlutions was to do more sewing for my home.  We are a month into 2014, and I have one little project to prove I'm moving in the right direction (progress is progress right).

I've had this chunky cable knit sweater in my refashion pile for quite some time.  I finally chopped it up, and turned it into something pretty, a new pillow slip cover for my couch.

Because it was a button up sweater, all I had to do was cut out my material, which proved to be the most difficult part, and then sew four straight lines.

I chopped off the hood, and the arms of the sweater, trying to save as much of the fabric as possible.

 I then cut my material into a square that was roughly the size of my pillow form.  I would have loved to have the buttons offset on my slip cover, but I didn't have enough material to work with.

I turned the material so that the right sides were facing, stitched around all four sides, and then finished off my edges.  With this chunky knit, the stitches unraveled quickly, so I really had to make sure that I caught all of the secure material in my seam allowance.

 I love the open weave of the sweater slipcover, and the wood buttons have a certain amount of charm.

One little step in the right direction.  

My two year old thinks that this project is absurd, and continues to try to undress my pillow.  At least he is getting plenty of practice learning to button and button something.


Jolien said...

I love this upcycle! I did something simular 2 years ago, but failed to measure well, so they don't fit very nicely... Also, I had sweaters, not vests... How did you finish the raw edges by the way? Does a serger do a good job here? I thought of making mine a bit smaller so they fit better on my pillow, that's why I'm asking... :)

Tricia said...

I did use a serger to finish my edges, but I also figured that the material would need to stretch to fit well. I measured the squares so that they were the exact size of the pillow form, no seam allowance added.

Hope that helps.

Charity said...

That looks nice and cozy! I love the wood buttons. =)

Amanda said...

I love this! I like sweaters in all forms!

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