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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kids and Holidays-Thanksgiving

Clark is now old enough that he is getting really excited about holidays.  He can't hardly wait for Christmas, to be honest, I can't either.  I really want him to understand and appreciate Thanksgiving for what it is.  I think that it can be really easy to skip past Thanksgiving all together.  We are already singing Christmas songs before bed, watching Christmas shows on Netflix, and reading Christmas stories during the day.

Today I decided that it was time I stepped up and helped Clark understand the purpose of Thanksgiving. My husband sat down and explained the history of Thanksgiving, and then Clark and I discussed some of the things that he was thankful for.  We filled a cornucopia with blessings.  The first thing that he said he was thankful for was holidays.  Yep, we are filled with the spirit.

I've decided that for the few days leading up to Thanksgiving, that I am going to take a little time to do a Thanksgiving activity with him.

Today we colored a Thanksgiving coloring sheet (courtesy of HP).
Fruit arranged, and cornucopia hung by Clark.

We made our cornucopia's.

I love that Miles' hands are nearly as big as Clark's.

And a couple of weeks ago we made some simple handprint turkeys.

So what am I going to do over the next couple of days? Any suggestions?

I'm thinking that we will probably write up some thank you cards for his relatives before we indulge in our Thanksgiving feasts.

I've also been thinking, that for some people, the excitement of Thanksgiving is probably trumped by excitement for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is strange how scoring a good deal can cause such a natural high isn't it?  I love it though, not the crowds, but the good deals.  Accuquilt is getting ready for Cyber Monday by offering great deals all week.  Hop on over and score some good deals for the crafters on your list. Accuquilt holiday deals.


Delirious said...

Maybe check out some library books about the pilgrims

chickensbunniesandhomeschool said...

Check out the Teach beside me blog. She has just posted some ideas I will be using. Inculding some excellent video ideas.

Unknown said...

All the ideas you used are nice. My kid is too little but sometimes I do wonder how i am going to make him learn about all these special occasions. Thanks to you for sharing your experience.
thanksgiving videos for kids

albina N muro said...

Clark is now old enough that he is getting really excited about holidays. He can't hardly wait for Christmas. kitesurfing holidays