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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC: Day 2- Little Leather Shoes

Woot Woot!  I made it to day two.  As I sat down to work on a project last night, I had in mind to sew a sweater/jacket for my youngest.  The truth is though, he doesn't really need a jacket.  I'll probably still make him one, but what the boy needed, was shoes that would stay on his feet.

He has long feet, and a puffy heel, making it nearly impossible to keep shoes on him.

So I decided to make some little leather (deer skin), shoes with an elastic heel.  They aren't the cutest shoes out there, but they're comfortable, and provide a bit of protection.  With winter on it's way, some sort of foot covering was necessary.

 The pattern is all my own, and needs tweaking before I share it with you.  Unfortunately/fortunately the shoes are just a bit on the small side.  I'm going to have to make another pair-hopefully I'll work out some kinks, and have a tutorial to share with you when I do.

Until then, these will do.  The leather provides a nice stretch.  And I think they're pretty cute for what they are.


Emily said...

LOVE these shoes!!!!!

Susana said...

Me encantan sus zapatos.Gran idea para utilizar pequeños pedazos de cuero.Cariños-

Arielle said...
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Arielle said...

These are some of the cutest shoes I've ever seen! If you get the pattern to a point you want to share, I would love to see it!