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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Printables: Congratulations Cards

Things have been busy around here.  Warmer weather always seems to be accompanied with a multitude of tasks and activities.  Rather than slowing down, it seems like the list of things to do and accomplish just grows longer. I'm sure that you're feeling pretty overwhelmed as well.

I've been working on quite a few projects for family members, most of them design or marketing related, so I haven't had the time to sew that I'd like.  One particular day I was feeling really overwhelmed with work, housekeeping, and parenting.  Miles went down for a nap.  Rather than pulling out my sewing machine, Clark and I pulled out the paints.  We both sat down with nothing in particular in mind.  My piece of paper ended up being covered in patterns rather than pictures.  I love patterns.

There was one particular pattern that I was rather fond of.  I decided that it needed to be turned into something useful.  Since I can't print my own fabric, I decided to turn it into a useful little card.  I scanned the pattern into Photoshop, and made some congratulations  cards.  I've already filled both cards out, and delivered one of them.  The other will be sent out along with a baby outfit.  
Free Printable Congratulation Cards
I'm sharing the free printables with you.  Feel free to use the files for personal use, please do not distribute the file.

Files contain two cards per 8.5x11 inch sheet. I recommend printing on cardstock or matte photo paper.

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