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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New To The Shop

I've been sewing up a storm trying to get my booth stocked before the baby comes.  I'd originally intended on spending these last few weeks of my pregnancy preparing for Halloween, and Clark's birthday. While I'm still hoping to be able to do a bit of that, I'm focusing on my shop right now.  Babies are expensive, and so is living, so I might as well try to help prepare our family financially.

Last week I made up eight new pair of baby shoes/booties. I am pretty pleased with some of the variations that I came up with.  I love these little white bow booties for a baby blessing or christening. 

I also decided to make up a pair of white sneakers for the little guy.

For more of an everyday outfit I made these butterscotch/vanilla booties.

Some faux Alligator baby shoes for the little lady with a bit of sass. . .

...and some more traditional lace and pearl baby shoes for a more formal occasion.

There are red shoes....

...and some gold shoes.

There are coordinating infant headbands....

...and some fun new styles for the big girls as well.

If you happen to live in South East Idaho be sure to stop by Timely Chunks Gifts Bazaar as you make your way to the State Fair this week. They are open Tuesday through Friday 12-6 pm, and Saturdays from 10-5. 1171 Parkway Drive Blackfoot, ID. There are so many fun things to see in the shop, be sure to drop by.

Don't live in South East Idaho (not many people do)? I'm hoping to add my baby shoes to my online easy shop in the near future.  If you see something that you like, and you'd like a custom order, send me an email and I'll see what I can do for you.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Labor Day!


Unknown said...

Oh my, I love them all! Those little boys shoes are just adorable -- and it's hard to find handmade little boys shoes that actually look "manly", you know? You did awesome. I hope everything sells fantastically for you (and I'm sure it will because it's amazing!)

Kendra L. said...

Ok, I love the lace & pearl shoes and the gold shoes! Do you have those in an etsy shop or any kind of shop for that matter??

Gracestefan said...

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