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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For The Home: Grocery Sack Dispenser

A few weeks ago I decided that I was in desperate need of a grocery sack dispenser.  I'd been stuffing all of our used grocery sacks into a drawer, and it was filled to overflowing.  There are tutorials all over the place on how to make these, so I won't give you a step by step of how I made mine.  Ashley, of Make It and Love It,  has a great tutorial on her blog.  I used her basic dimensions for my dispenser.

These are handy because you can add the grocery sacks from the top, and then dispense them one by one as needed (for lining small garbage cans, wrapping up soiled diapers etc.).  This dispenser hangs in our laundry closet, but I think that I might need to make another one for the changing station in our "nursery" downstairs. 

I used some home decor fabric that I had on hand, but I'm sure that a thinner cotton would work just fine also.

Once again, here's the tutorial that I referenced.

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Unknown said...

I have had one of these on my list for ages! We usually put our grocery sacks in an old milk carton (with a hole cut in the side) and then when it's full we can recycle the whole thing. But then I have no bags until I go shopping again! So I want one of these for the bags to keep and then when it's full we'll return to the milk carton...

Unknown said...

I have one of these on my to do list! I even have the fabric for it, yet it is still on the to do list. I really need to get it done! Thanks for the inspiration!