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Friday, June 4, 2010

Heather Bailey Hooray for Headbands

As you probably know I am a big fan of Heather Bailey. She has great fabrics and patterns. I love her "Hooray for Headbands" pattern that she has on her blog. It is a printable pattern available for personal use only. One of the really great things about this pattern is that she has different sizes available. I absolutely love the baby size. I like to use soft flannel for the headband. It seems to stay in place quite nicely. I omitted the recommended elastic-I just found it easier to work with. I also added some contrasting top stitching and a few fabric flowers for detail. Check out her blog and try it yourself. There are some great images out there on flickr if you want some more inspiration.

Oh how I love headbands!  I just haven't had much energy since I had my son (who is now almost 20 months old) to spend the time doing my hair.  My hair is probably up in a pony tail at least part of every day.  So thank you Heather Bailey for another great pattern, and Hooray for you "Hooray for Headband" pattern-thanks!

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